Find the best prices - largest selection - outstanding service for La Tee Da lamps and La Tee Da fragrance oil here.

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Find the best prices - largest selection - outstanding service for La Tee Da lamps and La Tee Da fragrance oil here. La Tee Da many years ago introduced the words �Effusion Lamps.� Now it is the industry standard. La-Tee-Da! will continue earning your business through innovative designs and superior fragrances. La Tee Da makes catalytic effusion fragrance lamps & fragrance oils originally made famous by world renowned *Lampe Berger!

La Tee Da scalloped wick and burner assembly offers enhanced technology. Expect maximum fragrance performance each time you use your La-Te-Da! Lamp or Greenleaf Aroma D�cor Fragrance Lamp.

  • La-Tee-Da Lamp Gift Pack includes Lamp, Crown, Snuff Cap, Funnel, Wick & YOUR CHOICE OF TWO FREE 4OZ SAMPLES OF GENUINE LA TEE DA FRAGRANCE - A $10 BONUS VALUE.

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Fragrance Oils and lamps containing sample fragrances can only be shipped by Ground and CANNOT be shipped to International or Military destinations!

La Tee Da fragrance also referred to as La Tee Da Oil are catalytic effusion fragrance oils which purify the air and add a fragrance at the same time.La-Tee-Da Fragrance - La Tee Da Oil

We offer the largest variety of genuine La Tee Da Oil from a woodsy La Tee Da fragrance to a sweet, floral or fruity La Tee Da fragrance in three different sizes - from our 4 ounce sampler size to their 16 ounce pint and economical 32 ounce quart.

la tee da lamps also called effusion fragrance lampLa-Tee-Da Lamps using La Tee Da Effusion Fragrance

La-Tee-Da! Lamps release effusion fragrance while eliminating odors without a continuous flame. There may be slight smoking while your lamp is oxidizing air particles � this is steam, not soot. The fragrance oil burns at about an ounce an hour, so it is very economical to burn throughout each day. Their �Dilute Fragrance� is a neutralizer that will tone the fragrance oil down for those who prefer a lighter fragrance.

la tee da AromalumesLa-Tee-Da Aromalume Fragrance Generators

La-Tee-Da! introduces their most powerful and efficient fragrance delivery system to date! The AromaLume outperforms traditional fragrance products in Scent Clarity and Intensity. The decorative style choices compliment any home decor.

Genuine La-Tee-Da Replacement PartsLa-Tee-Da Replacement Parts

Relacement Parts:
Catalytic Burner Wick Kit
Catalytic Burner & Wick Kit
Gold, Silver & Black Snuff Caps
Replacement Gold, Silver & Black Crowns
Fragrance Lamp Funnel
Fragrance Lamp Pour Spout

Genuine La-Tee-Da FAQLa-Tee-Da FAQ

What are Effusion lamps? How do they work?

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