Protected by 4 worldwide patents, the new Air Pur Sytem 3C Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner possesses superior cleansing & purification of the air, faster odor destruction, improved fragrance diffusion, better regularity of performance when used exclusively with Lampe Berger Parfums de Maison.

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Genuine Lampe Berger Replacement Parts & Accessories for fragrance lamps use catalytic burner and wick kits which purify the air and add a fragrance at the same time.

There are now two different burner/wicks available from Lampe Berger. Due to many requests, Lampe Berger is now making their original Classic Burner/Wick (Blue Box) available with each new lamp purchased. As an option you will also be able to upgrade to their AIR PUR System 3C Catalytic Burner Wick.

Which Lampe Berger Burner/Wick is best for me?

The original Classic Burner/Wick heats the outside of the stone to just over 400 degress (standard in the industry), while the 3C heats up to over 800 degrees when new and has a special coating on the outside to make this possible. By being able to reach temperatures of over 800 degrees, the 3C is thus able to disperse the fragrance into larger rooms much more rapidly and thus higher penetration and more rapid results are possible. However, like a finely tuned race car engine, the 3C is a very sensitive burner. Leaving fragrance in your lamp for long periods of time will cause it to malfunction sooner. Allowing the flame to burn for more than a few minutes with each use will cause that special coating to deteriorate and thus shorten the effective life of the burner and malfunction. A loosely fitting snuff cap will cause some of the alcohol to evaporate and the pores of the 3C to clog more easily and thus malfunction. Using any other company's fragrance will lead to disastrous results.

So, for the typical fragrance lamp user, we would say to stick with the Classic Burner/Wick included Free with each lamp and you will receive more than satisfactory results. But, if you are one of those that meets the following conditions, then we recommend investing in the upgrade to the 3C Burner/Wick.

  • You use your lamp daily or burn through your Lampe Berger Fragrance with each use.
  • You are dilligent and pay close attention to how long the flame has been burning.
  • You have a large space to fragrance and rapid penetration of the space is a priority.
  • Your snuff cap is tight fitting on your lamp.
  • And finally, you always use Lampe Berger fragrances with your lamp!

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